10 Benefits of Strawberries

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Strawberry is called as the Queen of all fruits. It is in mainly found in Asian countries. There are a number of health benefits of strawberries; some of which can really surprise you. These are enriched with the highest levels of nutrients. The beautiful, heart shaped and juicy strawberries offer more than just the taste and sweetness. A lot of people like strawberries and they wait for the season to get these on their tables. Below are some of the major benefits of strawberries, after reading these we hope you will definitely be the fan of strawberries.

Benefits of Strawberries

Benefits of Strawberries


1. Strawberries support your eye care.

Strawberries are also helpful to help your better eyes health. They help reducing and preventing the liquid fall from eyes and clouding before the eye lens. As a result saving you from blindness. Vitamin c available in strawberries also help to protect eyes from dangerous ultraviolent rays. Moreover strawberries play vital role in strengthening the eye retina and cornea. Strawberry also help your vision to more clear.

2. Strawberries help to increase immunity.

Strawberries are full of vitamin C, and they can fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin C; which is well known immunity booster. Means adding strawberries to your diet increases your body resistance against diseases.

 3. Strawberries protect you against cancer.

Strawberries are basically antioxidant; which is the major reason that strawberries help you against cancer. Research has proved that the acid present is the strawberries have the anti-cancer effect and suppress the cancer cell growth.

 4. Strawberries reduce cholesterol level.

One of the major issue of death of people is by heart diseases, increased cholesterol level is one of it’s reason; as it blocks the arteries. Strawberries are helpful too for prevention of heart disease by lowering the cholesterol level. Moreover the acids present in strawberries are antioxidant, which is very beneficial for heart health. It has been proved by research that adding the strawberries to your diet results in reduced oxidative effects and blood lipids levels too.

 5. Strawberries fight against skin wrinkles.

Another great benefit of strawberries, the protection against wrinkles. Boost of “vitamin C” in strawberries goes on and helps in skin elasticity and production of collagen. With the growing age, collagen is lost and if food like strawberries are used which are full of vitamin C, keep your skin younger and wrinkle free. Hence strawberry have anti-ageing effects also. These are filled with biotin which support strong nails and hair.

6. Prompte Weight management.

A number of people are having the issue of overweight. Women are specially very careful about their weight and try many techniques for weight loss. But you need not to worry any more about this as the strawberries are also helpful in weight management and these play very positive role in weight loss. One of the compound present in strawberries promote blood and oxygen flow in your body, which is good for weight management.

7. Help to reduce body swelling.

Acids and chemicals with antioxidant properties; which are present in strawberries also help to lower the swelling in the joints. A recent study has proved that women who add strawberries regularly to their diet face less issues of inflammation/swelling in their body.

8. Strawberries control blood pressure.

Strawberries contain a good amount of potassium. Which is very helpful to maintain blood pressure and plays vital role in controlling the high blood pressure. Because of this effect the strawberries are graded as the most beneficial fruit for complete heart health fruit, that you can use.

 9. Strawberries Promote your bone health.

Strawberries have major of the essential vitamins like  potassium, vitamin K , Vitamin C and magnesium etc. which are very important and helpful for your bone health.

 10. Strawberries help to increase fiber

For your good and healthy digestion, fiber is very important. Another beauty of strawberry is that it contain fiber naturally. Non-presence of fiber can lead to many health and other problems like constipation. A large number of people suffer problems, which can be resolved by adding strawberries to their diet.


Strawberry is really a super food!




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