10 Major Benefits of Banana

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You will surely change your view about “Banana” after going through this information. As you will discover a lot of health and other benefits and will tend to add bananas to your diet. Find below 10 of the major benefits of bananas.

Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana

1. Banana helps to sustain your blood sugar level. Having bananas before a vigorous workout give you a boosted pack of instant energy.
2. Banana helps you to combat depression, because of presence of a amino acid which generates the good-mood brain neurotransmitter.
3. It defends against the muscle cramps during exercises or workouts. It is especially helpful to prevent leg cramps.
4. Another major benefit of banana is that it lessens and stabilize calcium loss during the urination process.

5. If you eat banana regularly, it also helps you to build stronger bones.
6. Bananas also help to reduce swelling and protect you against type II diabetes.
7. Bananas are high in potassium and low in salt levels, therefore bananas are known as being able to lower down your blood pressure and give you protection against stroke and  heart attack.
8. You can get your your mood boosted by eating the banana, as it normalizes blood sugar level and yields stress-relieving relaxation for you and your body.
9. Banana also strengthens your nervous system, and services in production of the white blood cells, as bananas are enriched with the high levels of vitamin B6.
10. If you are overweight, then banana can definitely workout for your to help weight loss. Theses are all the major health benefits of bananas.

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