10 Strange Tricks That Make You More Productive

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Get More Done.

Every one of us face the situation many times. When you start the work day and know what to complete by the leaving time, but when it is around 5 PM, you find out that you have achieved as much as you had planned. As the famous saying states that to be productive is more than to just checking off the boxes on the to-do list. Rather it is bringing our full effort and best energy to the time when we have to do our work well.

Get Prodcutive

Get Prodcutive

So to help you out, to better manage your tasks we have found below tips to make you more productive and efficient, in turn giving you more time to do the things which you love. At first these might look wired and strange, but believe us these will definitely help you!

1. Break the multitasking.

It is a big misconception that if you do more than one task at one time; you complete more tasks. But multitasking can really affect your efficiency. When you move from one task to another, you actually interrupt different functions of your brain. Moreover, multitasking adds to the stress and boost the level of toxic hormones. These all can affect your thinking and destroy brain cells. It can take several minutes to recover from a shift in attention, thus wasting the time and energy. So to avoid this it is advised to take tasks one by one rather than multitasking.

2. Take your work to the coffee shop.

According to a recent published study, it has been proved that moderate and reasonable noise, such as mid-level thrill and noise in the busy coffee shops, is very helpful in enhancing the performance of individuals. It is especially helpful on creative tasks and have proved more helpful as compare to the soft, low or loud ambient noise. It gets best results if there are other partners and supporters along with you, as their presence boosts up the level of Oxytocin, which helps to decrease the stress hormones which cause the mental blocks if they are present in higher levels. The décor and setting also help to limit the disturbance which have the more chances of occurrence and raise at office or home.

3. Read less news.

Until and unless you are in the business, don’t stay too much in the know during all the day—it can be diverting the attention and depressing. Same like any other muscle, brains can also get tired. You may want to skip reading the newspaper with your morning coffee too. Because starting the morning stressed out will lower your overall productivity. Instead, you should catch up on the headlines when you don’t need to be as efficient and productive.

4. Cut down your workday short.

This is very natural that when you have all the time in the world, then you always take more time to do things. Time budgeting is as same thing as the money budgeting, because it forces you to be efficient in anyway. Ending a workday just half an hour early once a week, pressures you to be more productive, since it limits assign a deadline for all your goals. If you cannot leave early the work? Arriving later in the morning can also result in being more productive and the efficiency boosting.

5. Have exercise before work.

Having exercise boost your blood circulation. After exercise you can think better for some time as compared to without any physical activity. This is all because of more oxygen and glucose delivered to the brain after exercise, So going to gym or having physical activity before office can add to your daily productivity. Also note that you should not be just stopped/ sit all the day long. By having little effort for physical movement at workplace can keep you energized throughout the day.

6. Have yourself with yellow.

If you want to stay alerts and increased efficiency, then you may add yellow color and settings to your workplace, because yellow color helps in increased productivity. Yellow color is recognized to decreases melatonin, the hormone which turns you sleepy in the evening, giving more energy to accomplish the tasks. So try to add yellow lights, pictures and flowers at your workplace. Having your computer screen background of yellow toned photos will also help to increased productivity and efficiency.

7. Race the clock.

Competition always motivates people. So, if you set timelines for different times among each other, it can increase your productivity. is a great motivator, so setting a timer—even for just 10 minutes—can boost productivity. If you working with a race mentality, it will enable you to focus fully for the short periods of time, and then recover to recharge your energy… So try to schedule few minutes to move out of task mode before moving on to the next project.

8. Eat berries.

A psychological study shows that all kinds of berries contain antioxidant agents. Which can improve your memory and coordination of brain with other body parts. It also helps to prevent cell damaging and lessen the stress releasing hormones. Therefore try our this tip as it has many health benefits along with your increased productivity

9. Use a notebook.

A person having a mental to-do list can drain the brain before time. If you note down items, ideas or tasks, however you push that idea out of your mind. As result freeing up memory for tasks you need to focus on which are more important. Therefor try to have a note book for writing down the tasks. Even if there are more high-tech ways are available but the information written in a notebook will never be deleted or erased by chance.

10. Play brain games.

As your body muscles need exercise, your brain also need it. To have a brain exercise you should play brain games. Games which make you focus and need creativity. If you may start your day with some puzzle or like that game will give a boosted start to your thinking mental activity. Which will increase your decision making ability and increased productivity.



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