10 Techniques for Stress Managmenet

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Do you want to relax? Are you stressed and want to combat it?  Yes? Sure, we can help you to better manage the stress and get relief. Below is the list of top 10 ways to how to relieve stress.

Stop Stressing

Stop Stressing

1. Organize yourself and time:
You should take better control of the activities in which you are spending your time and energy; so that you may handle the stress more effectively.

2. Look and control your surroundings:
In order to overcome the stress, you should control your environment by controlling that who/what is surrounding you. By doing so, you will be able to either get rid of the stress or you will be able to have support required for yourself.

3. Respect yourself:
You should always love and respect yourself. You can do so by giving yourself positive feedback to yourself and appraising you. Do remember one thing that you are a unique individual who is doing the best what you can do .

4. Plan leisure activities:
You should always compensate yourself by planning and having leisure activities regurarly into your life. It will really help you to have something to look forward to the future.

5. Do Exercise:
One of the best technique to avoid stress is to have regular exercise. Remember that your body’s ability to bring oxygen and food in better way strongly depends on this. So it is highly recommended for you to exercise for at least 15-30 minutes, three days per week. You can have walk, jogging, swimming or cycling. Any one of your choice.

6. Relax yourself:
You should spend some time on relaxing yourself. You can do so by taking your mind off your stress and having focus/concentration on breathing and positive things. This can also include to talking and sharing with someone trusted.

7. Have proper rest:
To relax and avoid any extra burden, you should have proper rest on regular basis. Have proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours per night. Have small breaks in study. Mostly you are running with a lot of tasks, whereas your mind can process and handle one at a time. So relax your mind and focus on one task at a time. Also your mind needs proper time to process and integrate the information. As a general rule of thumb: have approx. 10 minute break every hour and give rest to your eyes and mind as well.

8. Be aware of yourself:
You should know yourself and be aware about different signals from your body. Which includes headache, insomnia, stomach issues, cold, lack of concentration etc. because these signs can be indicators of more serious disorders and diseases.

9. Stop poisoning your body:
always have a balanced diet and food. You should avoid high calorie foods which are high in fats and sugar. Stop depending on drugs and alcohol. No doubt, caffeine keeps you awake, but it also makes your concentration more harder.

10. Keep Enjoying yourself:
It has been shown over time that happier people mostly live longer, also they have less physical problems, and they are more productive. You should find humor in life.. do remember that you are very special one and deserve the best treatment from yourself.

So always try to follow the above points in order to avoid the stress and live without tensions.

Happy Living!



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