5 Beauty Tips with Coffee

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No matter if you are feeling deadly down and tired badly; a cup of coffee can boost your energy level and bring you back to life. Coffee beans are full of caffeine and are great antioxidants. Besides of making you alert and active it has many more benefits also. When used topically it helps brighten the skin and soothes the inflammation. Following are some of the tips for your beauty. You can prepare these yourself too.

1. Skin Glower

Coffee acts as a gentle remover of dead skin. So you can use it to get a fresh and more glowing complexion.

How to make it:      To make glowing mask, add half cup of coffee grounds with half cup of coco powder. Then add 1 cup of milk; which boosts the exfoliating enzymes. Now blend the mixture till it forms a past. Then add one tablespoon of honey in it to add moisture in it. Now rub on the clean skin and wait for almost 10 minutes till it dries. Wash with warm water and get glowing skin.

Coffee Benefits for Skin

Coffee Benefits for Skin

2. Body Scrub

It acts as the remover of oldest dead skin due to caffeine it contains; and helps to reduce the fat calls and also reduces the dimpled of hollow appearance of skin.

How to prepare it:     Mix a skin body scrub with a cup of coffee grounds and half cup of sugar. Then add a cup of coconut oil in it and mix well. While in the shower, you can massage the prepared mixture on the wet skin with the pressure and in circular motion. Then rinse with water and see the difference.

3. Post Sun Soother

Coffee’s anti-swelling or anti-redness properties reduce redness and irritation, and the antioxidants properties fight against UV-induced free radicals. Researchers have found that when it is applied topically, the caffeine in coffee helps to protect against skin cancers at molecular level.

How to make it:      Mix a a cup of prepared coffee with cold water to make dilute solution, now dip a soft cloth in this solution and apply over affected areas by sun rays or sunburned spots. You will suddenly feel cooler effect on your skin.

4. Under-Eye Balm
The Caffeine present in the coffee helps to drain the fluid from under eyes, which causes puffiness and shrinks blood vessels which results in the dark circles under your eyes.

DIY it:   Make a cold pad by soaking 2 cotton bands in a chilled cup of coffee. Wring them out and place on your closed eyes. Now relax for approx. 10 minutes as the liquid gets absorbed into skin.

5. Natural Hair Volumizer

Coffee is beneficial for your hair also. If you treat your hair regularly with coffee, it helps to make hair roots stronger and helps for hair growth. It has been proved by a research conducted at one of university of Germany.

How to prepare it:     Mix a handful of the coffee grounds with a spoon of conditioner and apply on hair roots. Massage the mixture on your scalp to boost the blood circulation and wash after 10 minutes. You can apply this once a week to give natural volume to your hair.

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