Boost Your Voice Naturally

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Many of us do not have a clear and loud voice. If you are also suffering from the same, then have you ever thought that why you cannot shout or speak loudly or talk for long hours without choking for breadth? Just think of speaking for long time for a presentation or delivering the lectures in front of a large number of audience. And what if, it lasts for a very long time without having to run out of your breadth.

Have Loud Voice

Have Loud Voice

Following we have a small tip for you to give more power to your voice, which will in turn make your voice more powerful, clear and will give you an additional self-confidence boost.

Peanut Oil Therapy.
Take a small amount of peanut in your hand, a spoonful will be sufficient. Then rub it on your neck, both sides in the front and in the back. After that go out in the sun and stand there for approximate 5 minutes. But if the sunshine is too hot and hurts then you can reduce the time to a couple of minutes. The morning sunshine is most preferred for this treatment. This process should be repeated for at least 5 consecutive days; in multiple rounds. And results will be soon visible to you.

If you need rapid and swift action then put the peanut oil in a bowl, and place that in the sunshine for some time. Then apply the hot oil on your neck and stay in the sun for some time. Doing so will directly expose the skin to the sun rays; which will make the action of peanut oil faster.

Apart from clearing your voice and throat, this tip can also help out you if you are having cough or cold. It can also be used in case of pain in the neck. Once done and followed the tip, forget about your problem and move on with your life. As this will do enough and you will see the change in your voice.

Happy Loud Voice!



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