Commonly Prescribed Drug Linked To Diabetes

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This is the main time for severe attack of breathing/respiratory illness as this is winter now a days. Or it can be said as antibiotic prescribing period. Be careful, before you take that prescription like penicillin; you should see the risk of antibiotic treatment. As this treatment can cause some risk for your ultimate health.

Antibiotics can develop diabetes

Antibiotics can develop diabetes

A newly published research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has found a direct link between using the antibiotics and type 2 diabetes development.

During this study, the Danish researchers observed data of around 1.5 million individuals. They found that people who took 2 to 4 antibiotics had the 23% higher threat of diabetes development; as compared to those individuals who did not take any antibiotic prescription. Moreover, those people who were taking 5 or more prescribed antibiotics were 53% more risky to the development of diabetes.

Researchers observed the likelihood of individuals with diabetes and of those who are at more risk of developing diabetes; may face more risk to get sick; as a result — eventually needing antibiotics. The research found a relationship between use of antibiotics and diabetes for up to the fifteen years before the diagnosis of diabetes, suggesting that antibiotic drugs could be playing a fundamental and underlying role in it.

This latest research is not the only to check the relationship between development of diabetes and the use of antibiotics. Previously published research in the European Journal of Endocrinology had found the link between these suggesting that only 2 to 5 courses of penicillin or similar antibiotics seriously increase the risk of diabetes development. Scientists of the study say that antibiotics directly affect the harmful and beneficial bacteria in the body, which can be the reason for it. As the many antibiotics kill mostly the good and bad bacteria; that’s why they can extremely disturb the natural balance. This leads to glucose intolerance and the insulin sensitivity, both of which can lead to development of the diabetes.

With this said, we are still uncertain if antibiotics directly cause metabolic diseases like diabetes. Until then, you should make sure to take antibiotics only when you need them…and only as the remedy for illness, not as protection against one.


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