Easy and Healthy – “Pesto”

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The following pesto recipe is very easy and simple. Pesto is full of health and taste. It can be used as spread in sandwich, in pasta, with grilled meat and with cooked rice.

Healthy Pesto

Healthy Pesto


  1.   2 cloves of fresh garlic
  2.  2 cups of fresh mint
  3.  2 tbsp. of olive oil
  4.  1/2 cup of pistachio
  5.  2 tbsp. of lemon
  6.  Salt and Pepper as per taste
  7.  ½ cup of good quality cheese


  • Gather all the ingredients (except olive oil) in a food processor and blend them until they are fully mixed.
  • When the mixture is ready, add olive oil and blend more for few seconds.
  • You may add extra salt and paper as per your taste.
  • You are done! You can serve it in a bowl immediately or store in a fridge for a week or so.

Healthy eating!




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