Essentials of Goal Setting

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You might have planned many goals, here are some practical tips for you on goal setting; which can help you to make it easier to set and to reach the goals:
Essentials of Goal Setting
1. Specific, realistic and measurable goals are best: When it comes to setting goals making a change, those who set realistic, specific goals are the mostly. “I am going to recycle all my bottles, paper, cans, and magazines etc.” is a much more clear and doable goal than “I am going to do something more for the environment.” The clarity of goal makes it easier to stick with the task.

2. Change needs time to establish: this is very normal that any changes needs some time to be established and be able to be practiced. For example, if you start getting up early in the morning for exercise; then it will take some days to become a regular part of your life; because your brain needs time to get used to the new initiative and to make it routine part of your life.

3. Repeat the goal: you should repeat/remember your goal each and every day to remind yourself about your desire, for what you are working and what you want to achieve. By doing this you are actually reminding and training your brain to realize it. You can write down your goal to have better overall picture.

4. Self-motivation: The major reason of making any change is to have the self-motivation and to find the desire within yourself. You have to achieve it because you want it, not because coach, parent, or someone else. Because it will be tougher to be on track and being motivated if you are doing something because of obligation to some person.

5. Barriers are not failure: As you set and retrain your brain to a new way of thinking, you may face initially failures because errors and blunders are part of learning process, It can also take a few tries to reach your goal. But don’t worry and don’t give up, as a lot of us would be disheartened after few attempts to make a change and attain the goal. Therefore, remember not to give up because of barriers and tough time; rather stay calm steady and focused, and stay on your goal track.

Happy Goal Setting.



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