Fat loss : Cardio or Weight Training – Which is Best?

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There is an ongoing discussion in the fitness circles that which method is better to lose your body fat? Is it the huffing and puffing on your treadmill or the better is to lifting heavy weights? Some people claim that jogging, running, swimming or just walking is the perfect way to lose fat and be slim and smart. While other say that lifting the heavy weights is more better to be fit and free from fat. So, which method is better? Let us have a look:

Fat Losing

Fat Losing

Cardio vascular.
Cardio vascular exercises burns the calories present in your body. This is accomplished by stressing the cardio vascular functions to increase in capacity, as a result burning more calories. This is same as the fuel burning process in a car. The faster and longer it goes, the more fuel is burnt. Cardio exercises (like running, jogging and swimming etc.) increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) levels and thus increases your fat losing ability.

These exercises can be done at a greater intensity level or doing these over a longer time period. Both, the high intensity short-term cardio sessions and the low intensity long term sessions helps/stimulates the fat loss. Short term and high intensity cardio exercises are better if you want to have a muscular and proper toned body. Whereas long-term and low intensity exercises tend to promote you losing muscle along with the fat that you burn. This is clearly reflected in the difference between the bodies of normal/routine runners and professional athletes.

Weight Lifting
There are many benefits of weight lifting or weight training too, as you burn the fat and also convert them in muscles. Weight training helps and increases the BMR level; plus sustain the high BMR level for a long time period. It is also notable that a weight training session in morning time helps you to burn the fat throughout the day. Moreover, a toned body by the weight training will resist the fat for long time period, because the muscle generated take longer time to degenerate to fat.

So, it is clear that there are advantages and disadvantages of both forms of the exercises. It is up to your choice that which one you can do easily and regularly. Your choice should also depends on your age group. But a correct combination of both is the best way to achieve and maintain a slim, toned, fat free and a healthy body.

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