How to have long lasting hair color

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Hair which have been treated with color need special care. You have to follow a specific procedure in order to have the lasting color, and to stay beautiful color too for increased time. Very basic step, you should use products which are specially designed for tinted hair. They do not have much negative effects rather they contain moisturizing agents and do not damage the hair.

Long Lasting Color

Long Lasting Color

Mostly the formula of hair color includes glycerin and panthenol which retains hair moisturized and prevent brittleness.
You should also use special shampoos designed for color treated hair. These shampoos have vitamins and proteins to support hair, to restore and retain shine and to slow the process of pigment loss out of hair. Moreover, these shampoos also neutralize the remaining hydrogen peroxide which is a component of all hair bleached.

Color treated hair need special skills too, washing out the hair with mild hot water first and then with the cold water. You should apply a quality conditioner for color treated hair after having them shampooed. Doing this will strengthen the hair which have been weakened by the color treatment. Do softly tap dry with a towel instead of overheating with a dryer; by doing so, it will make your hair more firm and the color will not was out early ahead of time.

To have the color for long lasting, you should avoid direct sunlight and wind by covering the head. Do install a shower filter if your tap water contains too much chlorine; because chlorinated water washes out the color much faster and makes the following coloring more harder. Also before swimming, wet your hair with mineral water because pool water also contain chlorine. Mineral water helps dissolve chlorine and prevents it from setting in the hair.

You should also use natural hairbrushes and brush your hair with kind strokes to avoid damaging hair structure.
Do remember that color treated hair are weakened and require special attention, care and soft handling. By following the above mentioned advises you will be able to have lasting color and much better hair having more shine and strengthened.


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