Important Facts and Treatments of Dandruff

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A major number of human population suffers from the dandruff and a lot of expenditure are done for its remedies. Dandruff is the most common problem of the scalp. But you must understand that it is not transmitted through any physical contact from the affected one. Moreover it is NOT a disease. Dandruff is not life threatening but it does threat your mental peace to some extent.

Peeling and cracking of the skin is a natural process and the skin of your scalp get replaced and topped up every month. And as a result, the dead cells of skin that previously formed your scalp, make up the dandruff now. The presence of minor dandruff is expected and non-problematic. But the issue arises when the presence of dead cells in the form of flakes gets increased rapidly.

What causes dandruff.Physicians still discuss and have argument that what causes dandruff? Many of them believe that the dandruff is formed due to excessive growth of a fungi “Pityrosporum Ovale”, which is present on every person’s s scalp. Pityrosporum sets up the major part of the skin flora. You face the dandruff problem when the normal level of 46% of Pityrosporum raises up to the 74%.

Other factors like physical and emotional stress also matter in increased dandruff; raising the problem level with their level too. So stress management helps in improvement of scalp condition. Weather also affects this problem as growth of the dandruff for most of the people increases in winter as compared to the summer.

Below are the Some of the natural ways to treat the dandruff problem

Medicated products and shampoos.If you are having mild level of dandruff then you should wash your scalp regularly to remove the extra flakes. But if you are facing sever dandruff issue you should consult some doctor and use medicated products. You should not much worry about the dandruff, as there are a lot of shampoos, lotions and other medicated products available for it’s remedy. You just have to find out one that works perfect for you.

By using herbs and essential oils. Mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil is very effective for dandruff cure. Natural solutions need regular usage and some time to show significant results. Medicated products may be used for quick results.

Be careful and avoid using the shampoos with harmful and harsh chemicals if you have a damaged scalp. using the shampoos containing such chemicals on damaged skin may cause extreme irritation. Go for a different product If a particular product shows more issue or no results.

Washing your hair regularly is also very important. If you see that washing your hair results in dry ends, the secret to handle this is to apply some conditioner and add it to the ends of your hair before washing it normally. Then have condition it after the shampooing. One way to prevent over-conditioning your hair is to put a little of conditioner in a spritz bottle, with about 4 times more water. After shampooing, rinse; dry with the towel and then spritz the conditioner in. Develop a habit of washing your hair more often. But this technique compliments the others. Because just washing your hair can not guarantee no dandruff. But as well as beneficial too.

Avoid gel. This is the major mistake that many people do, as the put gel in their hair. If you like and prefer the styling then you may go for gel. But do remember that gel builds up and causes more flakes, which we think is the dandruff.

These tips are only the start of getting rid from dandruff.
Have beautiful hair!

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