Real Reasons of Acne

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Opposing to what you might have heard about acne or pimples, that dirty skin is the major cause of acne. Rather major cause or reasons for acne include intensely reactive oil glands, bacteria and dead skin cells. These all cause the inflammation in skin pores.

Acne Reasone

Actual Reasons of Ance

During youth, when body hormones become active the oil glands get stimulated; which is the reason of teens more prone to acne. Having acneĀ development tendency also roots to genetics, means if other members of your family have/had acne, there are more chances for you to have acne.
There is no definite way to prevent acne or acne treatment. Still we have some tips for you to help out in reduction of your acne and severity of pimplesĀ development and know how to get rid of acne.

Wash your skin: it will help you to remove excess surface oils and the dead skin cells, which can block your skin pores. But, be careful that over washing can irritate existing acne or over dry your skin. Remember to wash your skin after exercising, because sweat can block your skin pores and make your acne problem worse. If you work around greasy things or oil or if you have been sweating from heat, wash your face and other acne-prone areas as early as possible.

If you use skin products; like lotions, creams or makeup, go for those ones which are noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic, which means they don’t block your skin pores.

If you regularly use hair spray or styling gel etc, try to keep them away from your face as much as possible. As many of hair products contain oils which can make your acne worse. Always try to use water-based products.

If you have acne on areas like your legs or back, you should avoid wearing tight clothes, because those can rub and cause irritation on the skin.

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