Tips to Increase Your Height Naturally

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Many people are always concerned with their height. As the good height adds to your overall style and beauty; making you more attractive.You are lucky that you have landed over this page. Yes, You are! Because here we have got many tips, techniques and information to increase your height. So move on and read to find out how you can increase your height.

Height Growth

Height Growth

In order to grow taller naturally, you need to know that it is divided into two parts, which are “Before or when puberty” and “After puberty”. (Puberty means teenage years or youth)

Before or When Puberty

1- Drink a lot of Milk.
Currently, if you are at the stage of teenage or before youth age, then read carefully and pay special attention on this section. at this stage of age, your growth is fast, so, to let your body grow in maximum possible result, for which you should drink a lot of milk, every day at least 3 to 4 glasses. Because milk contains a lot of vitamins and others minerals which are really necessary for health and specially to help out you to grow taller. Milk also contains calcium which helps to strengthen your bones, and therefor can prevent your bones from underdeveloped.

2- Be Active in Sports.
To be taller you should be active in sports, because being active in support and physical activities your growth hormone release in maximum, giving you boosted growth. You can play different kinds of sports, like is baseball, football, martial-art, cricket, badminton, volleyball, tennis and many more like these; which involve intense physical activity. You can also start the activities like swimming, jogging, cycling and climbing. The swimming is suggested most. As you might have seen many swimmers who really have a good height.

3- Eat Healthy foods.
In addition to the milk, there are other foods that contain calories, nutrition, protein and other amino acids, which are also certainly helpful for growth process. During the puberty/teenage or even after the youth. But, these are most effective when puberty because in this stage, your growth plate still open.

4- Have Sufficient Sleep.
If you want to have increased height and growth then one of the most important is to get sufficient sleep, since you are in youth age, you need at least 8 to 9 hour of sleep per night. Our body does most of the physically growth process while are asleep. Lack of sleep can cause a person to be underdeveloped and many other health problems too. So, it is requested not take this advice casually.

After Puberty

At this stage of life, your growth hormones are slower down and your growth has been nearly close making your body technically stopped with the growth. But, do not worry. Even our major growth period has been close, your body is still producing growth hormone, just slower than as compared to teenage. So, it is necessary to increase your growth hormone production level. Find below point to have the growth boost in this stage of life.

1- Exercise and Stretching.
By having the exercise and stretching your body, you are not just stimulating your growth hormone, but you are also improving your posture, which is one of most handy method to increase your height. You can do many things to improve your posture like Yoga, stretching, stand and sit in proper way and by doing certain type of exercises. By doing so, you can also lengthen your spine to help improve your posture, for example by doing the neck exercise.

2- Essential Foods.
There are a lot of best foods which can affect your growth level. These foods are containing the essential vitamins and minerals like eggs, liver red meat, chicken and fish etc. For vegetables/fruits, the yellow and green fruits/vegetables are most recommended. Moreover, diet also can also help height growth, since the obese is one of the major reason the contributes to the decrease of our growth hormone releasing level, so you need to have the minimal the amount of meat and chicken that you take on your daily menu.

3- Hanging On the Bar.
The method of hanging on the bar does not affect your growth hormone, but it has been proved to help increase height after youth or teenage. Follow this method frequently, multiple times a day. When you are in the position of hanging on a bar, the gravity will pull your body down thus lengthening your spine as a result. Some people claim that this method does not work, but the reality is not this. As this method required continuity, so if you will not do it on regular basis; you will be not having the desired and visible results.

Being taller makes us feel more confident, attractive, and even makes us seem slimmer and beautiful. So by following these easy tips, you will grow at least with noticeable results depending on your body. Not everyone is same/alike; because we all have our own different genetic treat. It is very satisfying for your when your family, friends and especially your loved one recognize on your height and start to admire and talk about it.

If you are serious about your height, and really interested to increase your height, you need to follow above tips and learn more detail about growth hormone, stretching, exercise, movements which affect the height, good sleep position to help growth and prevent from growth disorders, when and how often to do proper exercise, and lot more about related techniques. To conclude, increasing your height should not be a burden, rather it should be a way of healthy life for you.

Happy taller height!


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