Which Food is Best for Fat Loss?

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We live in the era of time where misleading advertising and unfair pricing are at their top level. This all is done so wisely that these products sell and are in demand too. In the resent years there has been great increase in the sale of supplements or food products which are in the form of tablets or pills. These are supposed to support and increase fat loss. Reducing fat has become the fashion now a days. Each and every one wish to have a shaped body like the models and movie stars who bluntly show off their. So, in this situation a big debate raises that which kind of foods support more for fat loss. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, which are best for weight and fat loss?

Best Food

Best Food

Vegetarian Foods

First, let us have a look over vegetarian foods. Vegetables are healthy and energetic food source; having many of the necessary minerals and nutrients. Vegetables can be digested very easily and are added into the body very fast. Nutritionists support and advice to east vegetables in sufficient quantity to help weight loose and to stay healthy & fit.

Most of the vegetables are safe with respect to weight loss. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates; which are used as essential component for energy in the body. They can be barrier in weight and fat loss.  Unnecessary and extra intake of carbohydrate can result in weight gain. Also if these carbohydrates are not used and burned properly, there can be more health and weight related problems. Some of the vegetables also create sugar in the body, this can also support the weight gain . If you eat the vegetables like peas, pulses, soya beans; these can increase muscle ratio of your body as these vegetables contain great amount of protein.

Non-vegetarian foods

Now, let have a look over the non-vegetarian foods. These include meat, chicken and fish etc. These type of foods contain high protein quantity. Meat items like beef and mutton, pork, lamb and chicken also contain great amount of the fat. This heavy amount of protein is very dangerous and adds a lot to the fat and body weight. Chicken is a good source of protein but if the skin is removed. Because in chicken the fat is stored mainly in the skin. If the skin is removed before use then the chicken can be a healthy source of protein. When we look at the non-vegetarian food types, then the fish is perhaps the best food.

 Moreover, the white of an egg can also be used as a source of high protein. Whereas the yolk should be removed because it contains cholesterol and fat.


So, as a conclusion,  it can be seen that non-vegetarian and vegetarian both type foods sources propose us weight and fat loss plus many other health benefits. But this mainly depend on how these food are cooked and how they are used. If you use boiled food, that is a much better way as compared to deep fried ones. Because using the fried food can add extra fat and calories in your body. Moreover it also worth note that whatever type of food you use, it cannot offer fat and weight loose if you do not add regular exercise with it.

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