Women Drivers and dangers of Multi-Tasking

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Present era is of modernization, and women have got a lot of freedom and rights.Women are always marked as the multi-taskers; but this has also some potential negative bad effects for others and for themselves too.

Dangers of multi-tasking

Driving and multi-tasking

Here are some of the facts about women and multi-tasking behind the wheel. Recent surveys and statics shows that car accidents are the major reason for the death of young women as compared to the deaths from diseases like aids and diabetes etc. One of the main reason for accidents is that every one considers themselves as excellent driver; but when they get into multitasking; all of the expertise are simply vanished and results into dangerous outcomes.

This is clear for everybody that they should not drive while drunk or under some influence; but still most of us don’t know that they should not drive while on call or specifically texting (which is much more dangerous). Texting while driving has caused many accidents; that’s why it has been banned legally in many countries.

It has been proven by research that reading or typing messages during driving increases the risk of accident by eight percent; which is actually worse than driving while drunk. The research also states that taking calls while driving, magnifies the risk of crash (even if using hands free) because driver process 50 percent less visual information (break lights, stop signs and signals) while on call.

So, this is advised that you should ignore any sms or call that you get during driving. If it is important, first park your car because you would never know which little stop will save your life.
Also consider to put down the burger or hot cup of coffee! As if driving wasn’t hard enough, imagine driving with a sloppy cheese burger in hand. As usual women try to keep their cars clean and so try as much as possible not to touch the steering wheel or gear-box while they eat and hence invent the ‘wrist driving’. ‘Wrist driving’ is used mainly when you’re holding a burger, counting money or just came out of the nail salon and have nail polish on.
But to be fair, it’s much better than ‘no-hands driving’. Yes, believe or not; it happens when you’re hands are cold and tucked below your legs or when girls trying to tie their hair back or when adjusting their glasses.

All the reasons above have been confessed by many young women drivers.
This is very surprising that we actually come out of all of this alive , adjust all that needs to be adjusted before you start the car, have lunch before you get into the car and please put away your phone , any call or message can’t be more important to you than your own life.

Therefore remember next time, drive safely!


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