Your Gym Can Have More Germs Than You Believed

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“Health is wealth”; but tragically the things which are symptomized as health carriers nowadays; are the main source of diseases, illness and severe disorders. Many researches declare that exercise machines and mates; which are used for gym actives are the real hub of fungi and bacteria which causes different diseases. These include stomach pain ,vomiting, diarrhea and different skin issues. There are many severe diseases caused by gym equipment; like cardio machines, exercise bikes, mates, balls, lockers, pools and even by the shower areas. It has been found that there more than 1 million bacteria per square inch on these gym equipment.

Gym Bacteria

Gym Bacteria & Germs

Some of the most dangerous ones are listed below:

Fungal Diseases & Bacterial Infections:
National Athletic Trainer’s Association (N.A.T.A) issued a paper in June 10, consisting of the causes, problems and solution of these problems for athletes, suffering from skin diseases. In this paper authors mentioned that gym is a home for bacteria and fungi which causes skin problems in athletes as well as in other common people. MRSA can be called as the most common disease causing severe fungal bacterial as well viral infection in different parts of body, fungal feet boils, impetigo, herpes simplex, ringworm, and jock itch are the most common problems.

Eye & Ear Infection:
These bacteria also cause eye and ear infections. Which cause redness or irritation in eyes. You can imagine their strength by that these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics also.

Tinea capitis:
This is a fungal infection of the scalp. It is also called ringworm of the scalp. Which can cause major damage to your scalp.

Other related skin infections:
There are many other related skin infections caused by these bacteria. These also include the problems in a man’s beard, in the groin (jock itch), between the toes (athlete’s foot). Human skin at gym is in free contact with different kind of bacteria which cause severe diseases. The most common of them is impetigo and Folliculitis. it can be said that it is beyond explanation the number of diseases and culprits causing it. The bacteria found at gym equipment are so harmful that they are the reason of different skin infections.

Let us see what might be helpful to prevent you from these disastrous diseases as the gym has become a meaningful source of fitness for many individuals; but it can result totally opposite if precautions are not used. Some of these are listed below:

Major precaution:

1. Avoid usage of partner’s things:

Many of us share the things of each other’s like towel, soap, water bottle, gym sheet, gym ball. You should avoid this habit, as there can be harmful bacteria in that causing disease and other skin issues.

2. Proper Cleanliness:

You should make it habit to take bath after gym. Cover your wounds if any; and sweat secretion must be handled properly. You should wash your hands and change cloths right after gym workout.

3. Usage of Sanitizers:

There are a number of good sanitizers available now a days. They can be very helpful to avoid bacteria and fungi etc. so, you should use a sanitizer regularly.

4. Cleanliness of gym Equipment:

Gym equipment is used by different individuals. That’s why there should be proper and regular process for cleaning the equipment. The cleanliness should be assured by the professional practitioner.

5. Avoid Sharing of Shower area etc.

In order to be safe from disease causing bacteria, you should avoid using the common pools and shower area. If that is not possible you should use the clean area or use gym gloves for feet and hands which are commonly available in local markets.

So, be careful every time you pick weight bar or ride the exercise machine. <>



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